Stormy Casbah Show

SAN DIEGO, CA (Reuters) - San Diegans who braved the harsh first storms of El Nino to attend this rock music concert at the legendary Casbah were rewarded with quite a spectacle. This reporter personally witnessed Oprah Winfrey passing out free, custom-made amphibious Lamborghinis to everyone in attendance.

Performing first was band Velvet Club; who, in the parlance of the entertainment industry, "stole the show". Not to be outdone, the psych-funk-puke-ambient-garage outfit Sundrop Electric followed their scorching set with another scorching set that permanently deafened this reporter in his left ear, and caused the band to suffer multiple physical injuries. Regardless, they were well-received by all five people who were in attendance.

According to sources who wish to remain anonymous, the headlining act Omega Three were also reported to have "stolen the show". This reporter was busy hurriedly packing up his musical equipment in the pouring rain, and was thus unable to observe this first-hand.

In summary, the show was said to have "gone on without a hitch" by various passers-by.

This reporter is actively considering litigation against the Casbah for damage incurred to his hearing and other mysterious wounds suffered to his fingertips while on the premises.

from the event in question

another image from the event in question