A Thursday at The Merrow

Dim the house lights. Light the stage. Lower the house music. Let it begin.

I'm at the Merrow, and it's a Thursday night in Hillcrest. There was a time and place in our recent history where good working people poured into bars and musical venues on any given weekday. Especially Thursdays, no? It's the night before the glorious weekend. Tomorrow is Friday, which means it's a light day anyway. To navigate a Friday with a hangover is a no-brainer.

So what happened? Where is everybody? Certainly not at The Merrow, my friends. I can't say I blame them. A good night's sleep is very important.

First up was Future Age, a 3-piece from San Diego.

Future Age

They were good.

Next up was Sundrop Electric, a 5-piece from San Diego.

Sundrop Electric

They were good.

And last but not least, Philosophers Ray Gun

Philosophers Ray Gun

Honestly, I fell asleep in my booth sometime between when Sundrop Electric finished up and Philosopher's Ray Gun went on. I woke up a towards the end, and really liked what I was hearing. They were good, too. Look, I'm sorry. The San Diego Music Weekly has me filling in for another reporter who took the week off. I've been working 12 hour days for seven days straight, now. I barely know what I'm writing right now.

All proceeds were donated to the Free Willy Fund, a San Diego-based non-profit working to rescue retired orcas from the waterpark and entertainment industries.