How Dusty Was My Futon - A Podcast Review

Brent and I recently travelled to the remote town of Vista, California to be on the Dusty Futon podcast. Despite my suffering a fairly bad hangover, I still managed to greatly enjoy myself. Brent, pictured below, enjoyed himself, too!


Tyler and Big Jon

Tyler and Big Jon (pictured above) were great hosts, and asked us many deep and personal questions- really getting to soul essence of our band, and ourselves. You can download this episode from their site via this link. If you're pressed for time, and can't enjoy this 40 minute eargasm for yourself, I've prepared a timeline/summary of the episode below. Enjoy!

0:59 - Introducing the band!
1:24 - Masturbation joke at Jon's expense.
2:08 - The origins of Sundrop Electric's name.
3:28 - How to find our stuff
3:50 - Listening to Go Inside
4:49 - Everyone takes off their shoes while listening to Go Inside
6:30 - Trying to define our genre, detailing our influences
7:03 - Figured out that we're "post-rock"
7:29 - An meditation on gay Siamese twins
8:10 - But what is Go Inside about, anyway???
8:46 - Can we say "cum-dumpster"?
9:28 - The origins of Sundrop Electric
11:40 - Listening to TSA
13:20 - Big Jon floats away through a painting on the wall
13:49 - We put the dog to sleep
14:54-ish - We all fell asleep
17:40 - Tyler compares Big Jon's hair to that of Ben Franklin
18:08 - The origins of TSA, and TSA's name.
20:18 - Shart pie.
20:30 - The Dusty Futon's inaugural "Behind The Music" segment
21:20 - Question: "Would you rather have a penis growing out of our forehead, or no penis at all?"
21:51 - Brent answers: "Penis growing out of my forehead." (because how is that any different than he is now? har har har)
22:02 - Seth answers: "No penis at all" (because how is that any different than he is now? har har har)
22:35 - Question: "Do you remember the moment that you realized you wanted to be a musician?"
22:44 - Seth answers: "No."
26:03 - Brent answers: "My dad bought me a guitar."
27:57 - Question: "If you could choose, how would you want to die?"
28:11 - Brent answers: "Falling from a great height."
28:54 - Seth answers: "A shot to the head."
29:23 - Tyler answers: "Naked girl avalanche"
30:08 - Big Jon answers: "Coming and going at the same time"
30:51 - Question: "If you had to choose one of your band members to take a bullet for, who would it be?"
31:28 - Brent answers: "Seth"
31:32 - Seth answers: "None of them. Fuck 'em."
31:55 - Listening to Dreamless Eyes
33:24 - "It's the same, but it's different!"
34:13 - Gluten-free Rock
36:16 - Tickling under the sac.
36:52 - "Your bass player's on fire!"
37:05 - "Dogs and cats are sleeping together!"
38:25 - What else can we expect on the new album, Brent?
39:20 - Final promotions
40:12 - KFRT
40:52 - Bye bye!