Casbah! Wed 8/3! Cerulean Veins! Sundrop Electric! The Bum Deals!

We are playing the Casbah again!

This time with Post-Punk, Coldwave, Darkwave, New Wave sensations the Cerulean Veins.

Cerulean Veins

...and Punk/prog post punk outfit The Bum Deals, whose band members are Jesus, Mary and Joseph Stalin.

The Bum Deals

They typically reply within a day. And so do we, Sundrop Electric. It's going to rock, and you should be there.

Sundrop Electric Just read what some random person on Facebook named Gavin McDonald had to say about this upcoming event below! I think this sums it all up quite well.

I've been tolling all night with paper and pen, on an epic poem of days back when , our ball still had hair on them. I was just topping a rhyme that wasn't quite ontime of Donald's great win , where the Penguins could have been , but three long years had passed, an still no four any to slash, but there he was look so tailored well press . And the mantel of cool they would alway deny. An so a dare to be great moment was at hand , and he ,the very image of self reliance, self made , well self imaged we'll say. The rich can have all that is sold , but rarely that which can only be bisstowed, he was in charge , for reals hhis mom like totally called and said it OK. So proud he did now stand , chest up chin out, shit tucked smug grin, self entitled D-bag. Finding out early, as long as u have money, for it most would dance , sell out do a hand stand. But still they refused to hand over the treasure , that he would wear with such pleasure . After all he was tall he needed it real bad. 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Well that dream they did crush, his spirit not much, so voice was first , making sure all ladies could hear , when he informed them of how they matched up, Against all those who stop and now stare, his new power found almost by accident , with enough gel , many many list volt made men creating that hair, a symbol of freedom , tough guys , big bellies . For he had created an icon , right there on his head, no really don't worry , I is nothing that's dead, but the boy who had started with nothing. Well the two digit millions didn't help that much , he got it done , and now was the moment of glory. And though the wind she was a blow . But his helmet / hair barely could care . For just ha a great idea . That only the most wealthy would even try , I'll change this hole . 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Now 30 years later and nothing has changed , the hair still perfect , his I the rise. And all those fool tax payers , beware the smoothe talking rich kid, who gets all he wants, so they bought all th new sources control all the talk, and ably the same method that brought down new york, the billionaire play club, fast cars , epic jerk. So is this the land the brave died for or is that already sold . Freedom not worth it when u don't have the cash, so I'll scare the folks in the middle divide those on the side , no more Do the worry about any protest those dirty hippies alway fall for the gorverments new shit , . Follow the money open ur eyes the the look up at golden tall buildings for that was the cost ,for the nation that once stood here and the dream so many died for, countless brothers lost. But if u stupid fuckers cannt see though the lies, let go all the angry end the great divide it is all there doing our freedom the prize . It is not always easy to be a grown up , to face up to problems that matter to much , the things that divide us , they did push , just like the crack and the mountains of cush, not sure I should post this, to much it might be , but foolish by nature, and if one white man will just listen and learn there is nothing to scare u they wet all lies to help these few rich people , control all our lives. It easy to do things when other do toll , to get all the work in , In time for the press, like Edison before him, how much they decieve us , the lies ,they blamed on who ever u don't like , their own sins fuck remorse they really will enslave us I tried . Get out and vote, because if u don't ,we need all the weed now legal. West coast . I'm going to old Mexico a wall I will build. Free I still, and u though W was the Joke.