There's Enough Land In The Sky For Everyone

This memo just in from headquarters:

Band meeting tonight to decide on some of the final artwork for our next record, "There's Enough Land In The Sky For Everyone". Four days from now, we will be spending the day at Pacific Beat Studios with the fabulous Alan Sanderson, laying down the basic tracks for the new album. There's still time to contribute to our Indiegogo campaign to make it even more fantastic than we can afford. Check out

In the words of the immortal Arthur C. Clarke:

“Behind everyone alive today stand 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living. Since the dawn of time about a hundred billion human beings have walked on this planet… Now, a hundred billion is about the number of stars in our milky way galaxy… So this means that for everyone who’s ever lived there could be a star… well of course stars are suns, with planets circling around them… so isn’t it an interesting thought that there’s enough land in the sky for everyone to have a whole world? We don’t know how many of those worlds are inhabited and by what kind of creatures… but one day we should know, perhaps by radio, perhaps by other means… perhaps by direct contact… The impact of that on the human race will be profound… especially if we encounter creatures far in advance of our own rather primitive species. Well it’s a wonderful thing to look forward to, and perhaps a terrifying one… it may happen in our lifetimes, it may not happen for a thousand years, but one day we will know the truth about this incredible and wonderful universe around us, and perhaps understand our own place in it."