Live @ The Merrow, w/91X & Mike Halloran

Well, the recording of our amazing new album, There's Enough Land In The Sky For Everyone, has hit a few minor delays. It seems that even our godlike engineer Alan Sanderson is not immune to the occasional debilitating flu. What are you going to do. If you're reading this, Alan, I hope you're well.

But you better rest up, motherfucker, because we might just burn your studio down next month. Not with a book of matches and some gasoline, but with our undying passion and intensity. And not LITERALLY burn it down, but metaphorically. You know what I mean.


Finding ourselves a bit restless, we beseeched the spirits to find us a live show to play. At that very moment, lightning lit up the sky with a mighty crack, and thunder rolled through our studio. Checking our inbox, there was an offer to play the Merrow! Huzzah! December 6 at 9pm with bands The Slashes, Some Kind Of Lizard, and One I Red.

It's only $5 at the door, or FREE if you "Buy Tickets" through The Merrow's website:

Live at the Merrow! We are all in the running (with a bunch of other bands) to open the second night at 91X's Wreck the Halls 2, so you can be sure that we'll be melting as many faces off as we possibly can.