Monday Night Contact with Necromonkey featuring Sundrop Electric

The biggest takeaway tonight? The smoke machine is way too localized. In order to succeed in our mission, we need to either buy a second smoke machine, or upgrade what we have.

But that's not the biggest takeaway tonight. If you were there tonight, that wouldn't even be your question. Your question would be something concerning whether or not we were at the rebirth of something. Suffice it to say, if you weren't there tonight, you missed a little something.

Sundrop Electric opened with a perfectly mixed set, minus one song (ouch). The amazing Necromonkey followed. Their keyboardist borrowed my drum stool. I got very drunk while I was waiting for them to finish, so I could reclaim my drum stool. Those guys sound huge. Just a drummer and a keyboardist. Amazing!

Then Contact came on. I stayed for two songs, but I was getting too drunk, and had to go on. But they sounded great, too. Sorry, Contact.