Thursday Thursday Thursday!

Finally, there's a NEW reason to like Thursdays!!!

Thursdays are pretty cool to begin with. You could even reason that Thursday is the best of the weekdays. On Thursday night, we celebrate the imminent arrival of Friday- the glorious last day of the workweek.

Friday, the golden promise that arrives, like clockwork, every sad week of our lives, to great anti-climax. By the time we limp across this finish line at 5pm, we are already exhausted. "Oh, now I can be the person I am? The person I dream for myself? The person I aspire to be? The person I am living for, the person I'm working towards... for the next two and a half days? Starting now?"

I think I'll turn on the TV and take a nap.

And that's why Thursdays are the better Fridays. You're right near the final reserves of your energy, but haven't exhausted them yet. THIS is the time to push yourself to do the fun things, the things you're working so hard 40+ hours a week, just to be able to afford to treat yourself to.

Which brings us to the new reason to like Thursdays. Specifically, THIS Thursday. Literally, just THIS Thursday.

This Thursday, Sundrop Electric will share the stage with 2 awesome bands, The Lover and the Liar and Daytrip, at the fabulous The Merrow in Hillcrest.

Live at The Merrow

Live at The Merrow

Be there, or be a lame husked out shell of a person 9 to 5 workforce zombie, i.e. square